Are You Putting Your Best Foot Forward With an Optimized Website?

Search Engine Optimization is a term you've probably heard thrown around a lot before, but what it actually involves is constantly changing. The tactics you used three years ago to boost your website to a page one rank might not even have you cracking page ten these days. The shifting Internet landscape means that companies

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You Can’t Afford to Skip These Four Website Maintenance Tasks

In our last post we talked about why your company needs to have a website maintenance plan.  A website is an investment in your future, and one that requires upkeep. Deferring this upkeep can lead to security vulnerabilities, and the loss of your clients’ trust. It can even lead to the outright loss of your

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Don’t Risk Your Corporate Image: Why You Need a Website Maintenance Plan

Website maintenance might not be rocket science in the literal sense, but when you think about it, the metaphor is apt:  a secure, well-maintained, and well-designed website can launch your company into the stratosphere… proverbially speaking. Or at the very least, it can be the booster rocket that helps to get you there. After all,

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Staying Connected: Best Practices for Business Travelers

When traveling for business, there are some things about technology we need to talk to you about. It’s because there are big changes in store for you. You’re going places with your phone and laptop now, and that’s going to give hackers plenty of opportunities to get to you:  especially when your guard is down.

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Are Cybersecurity Measures Missing From Your Corporate Travel Policy?

Travel and technology are natural companions. And no matter where or why we travel, we’re never more than a few feet from our devices — for better or worse. In many ways, technology is itself a form of travel; or at the very least it’s a world-wide window to humanity writ large. But for all

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Proper File Management (a.k.a Please Don’t Save Your Files in the Recycle Bin!)

Does your My Documents folder look like an episode of Hoarders? Have you gotten into squabbles with coworkers about all the icons you have saved to your desktop? It's time we all finally faced the music:  unless you're the Marie Kondo of file management, you're probably a digital packrat. Nearly every corner of our lives

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No, you cannot have Admin Access!
(And why this is good IT Policy)

“Carte blanche” is a fun term to say, but toss it into a sentence about your information security and suddenly it foretells some bad repercussions:  “we gave our employees carte blanche access to their workstations, and now we’ve got more viruses than a CDC laboratory.” Sounds bad, doesn’t it? That’s because it really is. Allowing

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