Bulk Emails and You: How to Avoid Throwing Spam Flags By Scaling Up the Right Way

Businessman drawing E-mails concept on blurred abstract background In our last two articles we took a look at what your software options are for email marketing, and then did a deep dive into one of our favorites:  Zoho CRM. But what about when it finally becomes time to properly scaling up your email

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App Spotlight: Zoho CRM

Without customers, the world as we know it would not exist. They're the backbones of business! When people think about their most important relationships, their minds probably go to their parents, friends, or partners. In business, it's the one you have with your customers. Maintaining these relationships is an art unto itself, so much so

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APP Spotlight: OneNote

Have you ever had a great idea rumble through your head, only to lose it later because you couldn't write it down? We've all been there. When life comes at you fast, it can be tough to remember everything, from random thoughts and ideas, to off the cuff scribbles, to business and personal to-do’s, to

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When Your Server Has Served its Purpose (and Why It’s Time to Upgrade)

Letting go is hard to do, especially when it comes to hardware and software that has long served you well. As companies look for new ways to reduce costs and go lean, many of them assume they can get away with using their existing technology until they “can't ride that horse no more.” While buying

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