Information Security

With cyber threats constantly lurking in the shadows, businesses must take concrete preventative measures to thwart the hackers and criminals intent on harvesting their data. Our flagship cybersecurity solutions includes proactive 24/7 threat detection, round the clock system monitoring, robust firewall configuration, and more. Don’t let your company become a national news story for all the wrong reasons. Safeguard your customer and business data with JNT TEK.

JNT TEK Information Security Solutions Include:

Pen Testing

Testing your external, internal, and wireless network defenses for flaws is an essential part of bolstering security. You can’t patch holes you didn’t know were there! With this controlled test, our trusted team of certified security experts probes your network for weak points just like a malicious actor would, and then actively attacks them in a simulation of an actual breach attempt.

Vulnerability Scanning

A thorough search of your network can uncover areas of weakness that a potential hacker might exploit. Keep the bad guys from gaining access to your system with this crucial cybersecurity strategy.

Compliance and Governance

Compliance and corporate governance can be difficult, complex, and expensive to achieve, and knowing which mandates apply to you is half the battle. Our knowledgeable experts can help your business maintain compliance within the regulatory frameworks of HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, GDPR, NYDFS, SOX, NIST, and more — keeping your customers’ data safe in the process.

The Best Protection From Certified Security Engineers

In today’s shifting cybersecurity landscape, you want engineers and experts with the skills, experience, and certifications to match, to confidentially take on any security threat.

Incident Response and Risk Mitigation

Should the worst happen, and a breach occur, it’s necessary to have a plan. In the aftermath of an attack, concrete and organized steps planned out ahead of time can help you more ably manage and address the situation, minimize damage, and shorten your recovery time.

Help Your Business?

JNT TEK is a full service IT solutions provider that can take care of all your technology needs. With over 40 years experience developing and supporting IT systems big and small, our team of certified engineers and developers are ready to serve as your go-to IT department. No matter your size, no matter your industry, we can provide you with expert service and care.

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