VOIP Phone Solutions

Legacy phone systems are expensive, fickle, and anything but flexible.

Consider the alternative: our full service, hosted VoIP platform offers seamless scalability, advanced communication features, and the freedom of worldwide mobility, allowing you and your employees to always keep in touch — for a fraction of the cost.

JNT TEK VOIP Phone Solutions Include:

Modernize Your Phone System

Bring your communications into the 21st Century with Voice over IP and immediately see reduction in cost over legacy phone systems.

Custom IVR and Routing

Build effective call flows and enhance your customer support capabilities with interactive voice responses that ensure inbound calls always get to the right person.

Enjoy Greater Flexibility

With VoIP on all your company’s mobile devices, your business goes wherever you do!

VoIP Works Around You

On an important call with shareholders, but have a meeting to make across town? Now, stepping out of the office is as easy as transferring the call to your cell.

Advanced VoIP Features

Enjoy state-of-the-art video and voice conferencing, call logging and recording, call pulling, queuing, internet fax, and more — with none of the hassle that accompany legacy carriers.

Route Calls to Existing Lines

With direct inward dialing and virtual numbers, every employee has their own number — without the need for additional physical lines!

High Availability and System Uptime

Missed calls are bad for your business. Dropped calls are even worse. With high availability and a 99.99% system uptime VoIP is the business-friendly phone solution to empower your excellence.

Help Your Business?

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