System Monitoring &
NOC Services

Safeguard your network infrastructure with proactive threat detection, round the clock system monitoring, and split-second response and remediation.

Optimize network performance and get the edge on your competition with active scanning and real-time analytics. Downtime is not an option in today’s global economy, and our dedicated team of NOC engineers offers the peace of mind and uptime continuity only seasoned experts can provide.

JNT TEK System Monitoring & NOC Services Include:

24×7 Critical Systems Alerts

Stay apprised of your system’s status day or night, with round-the-clock alerts, active scanning, and real-time analytics.

Instant Response When a System Goes Down

Our engineers are primed to respond at a moment’s notice, already working to bring your critical systems back online before you’ve even realized they’re off.

Coverage While Your Team Sleeps

Sleep easy knowing that your network infrastructure will be cared for from dusk to dawn, and back to dusk again.

Updates and Patches While You’re Out

Sometimes an important update gets released while you’re not in the office. By the time you arrive back with your Monday morning coffee, it’ll already have been handled.

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