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Thinking about moving your business to the cloud?

Making the transition to the cloud is a big step for any business. As the technology has grown increasingly popular among companies looking to stay agile, you've no doubt considered it yourself. Often our clients approach us knowing that they want to take the leap, but without the foggiest clue as where to begin. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, EFFS… even once you get past the gibberish-sounding acronyms, the thought of sifting through all the different options — and there are A LOT of options — can seem pretty overwhelming. So, where do you even start? First things first, it's good to briefly understand the acronyms we mentioned above, because you see them a lot in cloud computing discussions, as well as

January 11th, 2019|Articles|

When Your Server Has Served its Purpose (and Why It’s Time to Upgrade)

Letting go is hard to do, especially when it comes to hardware and software that has long served you well. As companies look for new ways to reduce costs and go lean, many of them assume they can get away with using their existing technology until they “can't ride that horse no more.” While buying a car and running it into the ground might make some sense financially, taking that approach with your business servers — the backbone of your network infrastructure — is counterproductive. In an attempt to squeeze every bit of value out of an aging server, you sacrifice efficiency in the name of cost. And often, you sacrifice cost as well. In fact, servers suffer an appreciable

January 3rd, 2019|Articles|

A New Year’s IT Resolution Checklist for Your Business

The New Year is a time for celebration. It's an acknowledgement of where we've been, and what's next to come — something new around the corner. The great, big, beautiful unknown. Uncertainty can be a wonderful thing; exciting, even. Just think, it's the crux of every great movie. But when it comes to the health of your business’ technology, you don't want uncertainty. You don't want the unknown. You want confidence, peace of mind, and security. You want JNT TEK. One of the ideas we live by is that information technology isn't one size fits all. Every business has its own unique computing needs. It's why we work so closely with our clients to design and implement solutions that fit

December 29th, 2018|General IT|
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