System & Network Architecture

With our system and network architecture expertise, we provide our clients with a scalable communications framework that stimulate growth and advance company goals. From cabling to TCP/IP configuration to a ground-up network redesign — or anything and everything between — we’ll help you identify the right mix of technologies, policies, and protocols for your needs, and ensure your firm’s infrastructure is set up right the first time.

JNT TEK System & Network Architecture Include:

Routing & Switching Design and Implementation

On the highway of business communication, routers and switches are the interchanges guiding everything from the movement of data, to voice and video traffic, to wireless access. A well-designed infrastructure supports sharing through applications, facilitates speedy information access, is great for your bottom line, and even better for security.

Firewall & Perimeter Design and Implementation

Protect your internal assets and hardware from external and public network threats with a layered approach to security.

Remote Access & Multi-Site Design and Implementation

With remote access, you and your employees can log into your office network from home or on the go. Have multiple offices? Our Multi-Site Design services will help you build the architecture you require so that all your offices can work off the same private network.

Wireless Design and Implementation

Don’t get stuck with a dreaded WiFi deadzone. We’ll help you design a comprehensive network of access points, routers, extenders, and hubs to strategically cover every square inch of your office with lightning fast wireless capabilities.

Help Your Business?

JNT TEK is a full service IT solutions provider that can take care of all your technology needs. With over 40 years experience developing and supporting IT systems big and small, our team of certified engineers and developers are ready to serve as your go-to IT department. No matter your size, no matter your industry, we can provide you with expert service and care.

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