Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data is the beating heart of your business.

Safeguard your work assets with our state of the art backup and recovery plans. We’ll help you determine your recovery time and recovery point objectives so that if disaster strikes, you’ll never have to skip a beat.

JNT TEK Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions Include:

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters aren’t only weather or fire related — hardware failure, human error, hacking, or ransomware can lead to data corruption and loss, too. Stay one step ahead of the worst possible scenario with a well-thought-out disaster recovery plan, courtesy of JNT TEK.

Business Continuity Planning

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

RTO and RPO Determination

We’ll help you pinpoint your recovery time objective (RTO), or how long your business can realistically operate before data loss significantly affects your operations, and your recovery point objective (RPO), the measure of how often you require a backup to be performed — that is, how much data your business can stand to lose in the event disaster strikes — allowing you to prepare accordingly.

Design and Implementation

We offer offsite backup strategies as well as customized solutions to make data recovery effortless. Peace of mind goes a long way when it comes to data, and we’ll work with you to design and implement the perfect solution to ensure you have it.

Help Your Business?

JNT TEK is a full service IT solutions provider that can take care of all your technology needs. With over 40 years experience developing and supporting IT systems big and small, our team of certified engineers and developers are ready to serve as your go-to IT department. No matter your size, no matter your industry, we can provide you with expert service and care.

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