Backup & Disaster Recovery

Why You Should Revisit Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Planning for a disaster is just a part of doing business. Even when everything seems perfect, your business is still vulnerable to a natural or man-made disaster. If the events of the past couple of years are any indication, threats are everywhere, from earthquakes to pandemics and all points in between—not to mention cyberattacks and

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What Businesses Should Know About Data Backups

Regardless of the size of your business or what industry you're in, one critically important thing is the necessity of backing up your data consistently. Regular backups are easy to do with the right data backup method, and a managed service provider can currently implement and install regular updates for it. Despite the benefits, more

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Is There a Difference Between Managed and Professional Services?

Plenty of small businesses don't have either the expertise, or the resources to set up a full IT department. There may be some colleagues who know how to fix certain IT problems, but in order to really prepare the business for growth, outsourcing IT is a must. By choosing to outsource, you can save money

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Is Your Data Protected from a Virus/Ransomeware Attack?

Talking about data backup to decision makers is a great lesson in human psychology.  Many companies just don’t take it serious enough.  As long as everything is working, business owners don’t really think about it.  It’s one of those things where many people don’t think the worst will happen to them, until it does. In

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