The Biggest Threats to Cybersecurity in 2021

The emergence of new technology trends in the recent past has led to a significant rise in cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new strategies to steal sensitive information and use it to extort money from companies.  A cybersecurity attack can disrupt your network, damage your hardware, or disable your digital operations. The cost and

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Top Ransomware Attacks of 2020: How to Protect Your Business

In 2020, ransomware attacks rose by nearly 150 percent compared to the previous year. Criminal groups now routinely target businesses and other organizations by encrypting critical data and demanding large ransoms for the decryption keys. Here are three of the most devastating ransomware attacks that took place in 2020, as well as some of the

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Travel and Tech: What You Need to Know About _FreeAirportWiFi

Maybe you hate the airport, or maybe you love it so much you could watch Spielberg’s THE TERMINAL in the Korean Airlines LAX Lounge and unironically think “hashtag life goals.” (Guilty.) Whatever your feelings are, once you make your way through the living nightmare that is TSA, lollygag in duty free for an hour looking

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The Risk Tax of Cybersecurity Breaches: Is It Something You’ve Accounted For?

“Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?” It's been many decades since the beloved Mr. Rogers posed that question, and many decades since we each left childhood behind. We got older, we went to college, and a few of us — perhaps you? — found growth in one particular idea:  we

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Information Security Compliance, Part 1: Do you know which regulations apply to you?

Information security is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today:  How do I protect my personal data? How much information should I give away? Just this week, Experian announced a new program that would provide consumers who opt in a modest boost to their credit score — a potential boon to those

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Offboarding an Employee: What Happens When Someone Leaves Your Company?

Whether they’re leaving on good terms or involuntarily, an employee departure is always a precarious time for a company. The exit of someone who was once deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of your business can present a very real threat to your cybersecurity, but by developing a thorough IT offboarding policy and rigorously following

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IT Policy: How Often Should You Change Your Passwords?

Anyone who’s ever created a login has no doubt bumped up against seemingly arbitrary and annoyingly complex password composition rules. For digital citizens, one of the most frustrating hoops to jump through is the forced inclusion of special characters. But wait, not THAT special character… or that one… or that one… or that-- okay, a

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The Truth About Spam

We’re not referring to the delicious potted meat you’ve grown to love (or hate), though it’s certainly named for its ubiquity. Spam in its most loathsome form — the unsolicited, commercial email sent indiscriminately and in bulk, rarely for non-nefarious purposes — is serious business. On the Seriousness of Spam Anyone who gets spam a

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Does your company have a “Shadow IT” department?

“Shadow IT” can be defined as IT solutions deployed within a business without the knowledge or approval of the IT department. It is put into place by employees who are looking for ways to be more productive and find going through the proper channels to get IT services approved to be cumbersome and time consuming. Employees

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