HIPAA Compliance & Gathering Patient Data Electronically

Implementing HIPAA requirements doesn’t have to the rocket science.  In fact, with the right support implementation for most practices can be handled without too much effort.  It just takes a little commitment from the organization and basic compliance requirements can be met. HIPAA and IT 101: Protect patient data Never send any patient data electronically

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Make sure your next computer has this security feature before making the purchase!

Many of us use our computers on a daily basis to check bank information, organize information about our families, employees, work, & ourselves. If you are like most people, your computer contains data such as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, medical information, addresses, and more whether you realize it or not.  The scary part is

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Inexpensive and Easy to Implement Secure e-mail using Office 365

Why is it that so many companies and people still send credit card numbers, bank information, social security numbers, patient data, IT passwords, and other private information via email without basic security in mind?  The answer is -- because it’s easy! When you press the send button, your email is routed through a maze of

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Is Your Data Protected from a Virus/Ransomeware Attack?

Talking about data backup to decision makers is a great lesson in human psychology.  Many companies just don’t take it serious enough.  As long as everything is working, business owners don’t really think about it.  It’s one of those things where many people don’t think the worst will happen to them, until it does. In

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