Have you ever had a great idea rumble through your head, only to lose it later because you couldn’t write it down? We’ve all been there. When life comes at you fast, it can be tough to remember everything, from random thoughts and ideas, to off the cuff scribbles, to business and personal to-do’s, to articles drafts, to the notes from your first meeting with that brand new client you’re trying to bring aboard, etc.

Even if you’re the ultra organized type, keeping up with everything by hand can be a chore. OneNote streamlines organization by giving you a singular digital platform for all your note-taking needs, so you can have everything with you at home, in the office, and on the go. Keep things to yourself, or share your notebooks to collaborate with friends, family, or coworkers. It’s up to you:  OneNote is yours! (In case you’re wondering, we absolutely love it.)

Here are some of our favorite things about the best Office 365 app you’re not using.

1. OneNote is a Treasure Trove of Tools

The diversity and breadth is astounding, really, and all but guaranteed to make your life more productive. Type, write, doodle, draw, record, and annotate, and sort your thoughts across notebooks, sections, pages. With custom templates, check boxes for your to-do lists, and the ability to password protect sensitive pages, project management for businesses has never been easier!

2. Need A Visual Aid? No Problem!

OneNote is your virtual cork board. Spot an image that sparks inspiration, or would help you sell your boss on your proposal? Put a pin in it! Insert photos, videos, audio files, and more.

3. Supplement Your Research

Pull that great data set straight from the source with the OneNote Web Clipper. Save web content for later perusal with a single click. Half of researching a topic is organizing your sources. With OneNote, it’s a breeze.

4. Make It Beautiful. Make it Yours.

One the more delightful aspects of note-taking is when you go freeform — when they stop being a series of bullet points, and instead become something organic and true to self. Your brain, on paper. OneNote lets you tap into the creativity of stream of consciousness with the ability to not just doodle and draw, or add splashes of color, but to write your notes by hand.

Don’t risk being seen as rude by typing away in a meeting:  grab a stylus or use a finger to jot down that important thing your client just said. Even better? On your Surface, these handwritten notes are fully searchable and can be converted to text.

(Important Note:  handwriting is also a feature in the iPad Pro version of the app, but Ink to Text is not.)

5. The Integration is A+++

By connecting OneNote to Zapier you have access to more than a thousand integrated apps. Pull data or files from a wide array of sources — from Slack, Salesforce, Google Apps… even Twitter! Or, export finished content to its final web destination. (Outlook and WordPress, anyone?) Integrate, automate, and harness your workflow’s fullest potential.

6. If you use Office 365, you already have OneNote and can start using it right away!

Well? What are you waiting for!

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Published On: January 22nd, 2019Categories: App Spotlight, Articles

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