With the increase of cybersecurity attacks, most companies are at a rising risk of losing their data to hackers. Finance firms hold sensitive customer details that can cost you millions, as well as your company’s reputation when information is stolen. So enhanced data security is a crucial focus to financial firms for ultimate protection and smooth operations.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) ensures that all your data is safe by encrypting and transmitting it in a secure connection. A VPN renders the data passing through your network unreadable and untraceable to hackers or third parties who may try to steal your confidential information. It ensures that business communication, online transactions, and business data are only accessible to authorized persons. Here is why a VPN is essential for a financial firm.

Enhances Security

Financial companies process, store, and transmit sensitive information about their clients and money transactions daily. This frequent traffic makes your company a prime target for hackers and puts your company at risk for constant cybersecurity threats. 

Protecting customer information is a priority, as a slight lapse can significantly affect your operations. A VPN enhances your data protection by encrypting it end to end, meaning that it remains unreadable even if the information is intercepted. It, therefore, makes it safe to transact and share information within a secured network.

Supports Remote Access

With most businesses reducing their onsite operations to adhere to social distancing requirements, having a VPN will ensure that the employees working from home are within a secured network. Since remote access makes you more susceptible to hacking, you can securely access your company network with a VPN even when using public WiFi. 

A VPN also allows you to bypass geographical restrictions meaning you can work from anywhere in the world. For easy integration, managed IT services can help you get the comprehensive support you need to keep your operations secure and productive.

Protects Against Cybersecurity Threats

Cyber attacks are rampantly on the rise, with emerging trends becoming a challenge to businesses every day. Being negligent of cybercrime can cost your company a fortune. Due to the sensitive nature of financial institution operations, it is crucial to ensure that security is prioritized. 

A VPN guards against phishing by blocking emails intended to hack your sensitive information. It ensures that any malware software targeting your network cannot transmit any information to its servers, thus paralyzing its operations.

Improves Operations and Management

With end-to-end encryption, it is easy to manage your company’s operations. You will also be able to create user groups and manage your team permissions in a common portal. Financial IT services can help you manage your VPN operations while you focus on other business essentials.

VPNs are Cost-Effective

Are you investing millions in data protection yet still losing invaluable information through breaches? You may want to consider using VPNs for ultimate security. The good thing is that you can get a good deal for your business depending on its size at cost-friendly packages. 

Financial IT services can help you establish your business needs, offer the right solutions, and provide continuous maintenance and support.

Secure Your Financial Firm Today

The benefits of VPN are undeniably substantial. Your business will function better with enhanced security, not to mention the peace of mind knowing that your company information is safe.

At JNT Tek, we offer all the financial IT services your business needs to improve productivity and improve your protection from cyberattacks. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Published On: October 18th, 2021Categories: Uncategorized

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