Due to the current situation, many companies now find that a majority of their employees who can work from home, do just that. Whatever challenges this presents, any additional recruitment for your business is now going to require someone who is competent for the role, and has the skills to still be productive while working from home.

While there are certain techniques to ensure effectiveness when working, there are a few traits necessary when it comes to successfully training employees on how to telecommute and work from their own homes.


They’re Great Culture Fits

While they may be working from home, it’s still important that you have someone who fits the culture of your workspace, such as if they would get along well with the other coworkers. You obviously want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing, but it’s important to treat them as equals while making sure they also feel valued in their position.

By doing so, you help to create a positive and creative atmosphere for all of those who are working from home. Ask them to collaborate openly and to contribute their own ideas and thoughts. It’s all part of creating an important connection between employees to promote effective communication.


They Participate in Collaboration

You can set the precedent for encouraging open collaboration, or even hold training sessions to help open communication. When working remotely they will need a platform to collaborate through, and communication is essential to get the work done efficiently.

They want to feel like they contribute to the business, so while you want to find an employee who is willing to contribute to your company voice, also make sure that they feel comfortable to do so.

As an employer, provide the tools such as platforms and software that allow them to share documents, edit them, and communicate quickly with one another as needed. There are many platforms to choose from, so it’s good to do some research on which ones are best suitable for your company.


They Want the Company to Succeed

You want what’s best when it comes to your company, and when it comes to the staff, you want to find someone with a level of dedication to the work. With that said, it’s important to help staff members see the bigger picture, or the future of your business and where it’s going. 

If you’re treating our staff with respect and value, and you’ve picked the right individuals to be part of your company, they will reflect that level of respect and value to you and the company.

When it comes to building that loyalty, it’s important to show them what you’re willing to give back. Whether it be financial rewards, or just recognition for their efforts. If you believe in them and show it, then they’re going to give back twice as much and work harder. They do that because they know that hard work and success will pay off in their favor.


They’re Good at Communicating

Communication is essential, and we’ve already covered that you want your staff members to be good at working together. So when it comes to the communication efforts of the individual, they need the platform to communicate when necessary. 

You don’t want someone who isn’t going to answer the phone when required, or who will put off emails when there’s a deadline for the answer. Regardless of the remote working situation, you want to find employees who have a level of confidence in maintaining communication with the  company and staff members.


You Can’t Buy Talent

Attracting the right people is important, and talent is something you can’t buy. It’s all about matching up the right people with your business to set off a positive chain reaction of success. It’s all about selling from the inside and how you present your business to them. 

If you have an exciting, healthy work culture, you will draw in all the right people. If those staff members are constantly going on about how good it is to work there, even remotely, it’s going to attract the right members of staff that you need.

This is how the right managed IT service works for you. As IT is an extension of your company, you want to find an MSP that fits your company demands with your best interest in mind, so growth is a smoother transition.

Published On: November 30th, 2020Categories: Business Continuity, Remote work

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