Managing data growth for most IT departments is a challenge for companies of all sizes.  Data is created by users and rarely deleted or managed.  When file servers start to run out of space, the IT department often scrambles to contact data owners to see what can be deleted.  This will alleviate the issue temporarily, but is not a long-term solution.

The tug of war between user’s and IT departments for storage space can be alleviated with hybrid cloud computing technologies.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud providers have theoretically an infinite amount of storage space.  This is an ideal place to store data that has not been used or accessed in over 1 year for example.

With technologies like Moonwalk, on-premise file servers can be archived to AWS S3 storage, which is a fraction of price of purchasing on-premise storage.  Moonwalk seamlessly integrates on-premise servers and AWS.  All archiving is based on rules that can be defined, such as date, file name, metadata and more.  Archiving happens in the background without any interruption in services.  Once a file is archived, a stub version of the file is left in its place so that it can easily be accessed again.  The stub is a fraction of the size of the original file.  If the stub file is opened by a user, the original file is retrieved from the S3 storage archive and opened liked any other file.

If your company has or is considering archiving data, you should strongly consider the benefits of cloud based services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).  JNT TEK can help navigate and implement hybrid cloud archiving solutions.

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Published On: July 18th, 2017Categories: Articles, Systems

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