1. Invest into a great CRM

There are a ton of options for CRM systems out there. They range from free to a lot of money.  Most businesses need something in-between.  Make sure the CRM works for you current needs, but don’t forget to look at your future needs as well.  A good CRM will be customizable and provide a lot of options for reporting.

  1. Automate your Expense Reports

Manual expense reports are time consuming and inefficient. There are lots of options for managing expense reports digitally. A good expense management system will include a smartphone app so that expenses can be uploaded on the go.  Pictures of receipts can be uploaded and viewed at any time, and automated payment can be made easily using ACH and direct deposit.

  1. Use video conferencing systems instead of conference lines

Modern meeting software is full of great features for collaborating.  Initiate a meeting directly from your calendar and send an invite that includes the option for video and phone.  These systems will also allow for attendees to share screens. Screen sharing can be handy for presentations and proposals.  Some software even offers remote support features.

  1. Implement an Internal Chat System

Chat is a great tool for communicating in an organization quickly. Implementing chat can make it easy for a group or team to share information, especially if there is a remote workforce. With mobile chat apps continuity can be maintained on the go as well.

  1. Leverage more Mobile Devices

Go mobile! Laptops and mobile devices are lighter, faster, and better than ever. High fixed costs for office space and utilities can be cut significantly by allowing employees to work from home, and some studies show that productivity can be gained by providing this benefit.

JNT TEK recommends working with an expert to assess which solution is right for your business. We offer free assessments and can provide a list of recommendations at no charge.


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Published On: July 26th, 2017Categories: Articles, General IT

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