At JNT TEK, we offer free business IT evaluations, on-site or over the phone. Fill out the form below, and a JNT TEK representative will be in touch to evaluate your tech infrastructure and business needs. This consultation is no obligation, no commitment, no hassle. Find out what we can do for you!

Small oversights can lead to big headaches, like a loss in your business’ valuable uptime, and thus, potential revenue. At JNT TEK, we understand that choosing the an IT service provider to manage your operations can be a difficult decision. That’s why we offer a no cost, no obligation, and no hassle IT assessment. We view managed services as a relationship, so while we get a better picture of your operations and needs, you’ll get a firsthand look at the many ways our company will work to support and grow your business.

Already working with a managed services provider? Not a problem! Our free evaluations are no obligation for a reason. With JNT TEK, you can be secure in the knowledge that no one will try to lock you into a contract before you’re ready. Think of us as a second set of eyes. After you take advantage of our free assessment, bring the results to your existing provider and see how they compare. There’s nothing to lose.

Here are just some of the questions our free assessment will answer:

    • How secure is your network?
    • Is your security up-to-date?
    • What are your support plans, and are they active?
    • What are your IT policies for hiring and firing?
    • How much storage space do you have? When will it run out?
    • What is the overall health of your IT operations?
    • Are you getting the most value for your IT expenses?

Once we get a sense of what we’re working with, we’ll draw up an action plan:  the ways in which we’ll bolster your existing operations with robust technologies that not only improve  uptime and expand productivity, but grow the role of IT in your business. We’ll look at your current IT expenses, and work with your budget to maximize your investment. With us, you can be confident that even the barest trickle of a problem will be tracked down and addressed long before becomes a deluge.

JNT TEK is a full service IT solutions provider that can take care of all your technology needs. With over 40 years experience developing and supporting IT systems big and small, our team of certified engineers and developers are ready to serve as your go-to IT department. No matter your size, no matter your industry, we can provide you with expert service and care.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation, and see what we can do to optimize your business.

Published On: July 3rd, 2018Categories: General IT

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