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40 Years

combined experience

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JNT consults with companies of all sizes - from small businesses to large firms with 2,000+ employees

Senders Communications Group

"We needed someone to help us modernize our technology systems, so we contacted JNT. They came in, created a strategy, and executed flawlessly. We couldn't be happier with the services we received."

- Cherri Senders

Senders Communications Group

"We wanted to modernize our computer systems and stop managing physical desktops, so we contacted JNT to help us find a solution. JNT proposed VMware View, and we co-located our servers in a data center they recommended. We have seen a huge uplift in performance and ease of management after the migration to VMware View."

- Lori Gusky

Senders Communications Group

"Our migration to Office 365 went smoother than I could have imagined. JNT made sure that our employees noticed almost no downtime during the migration. We also love the new collaboration tools built into Office 365."

- Jonathan Rosenberg

JNT TEK delivers Technology Solutions For Businesses

and customizes every solution to the needs of your business!


 IT Systems Not
Running Smoothly

Technology needs to be maintained, updated, and monitored to ensure business continuity. Without managing systems and taking preemptive steps, systems will fail and business will come to a halt.


 Professionally Managed 
IT Services

JNT TEK deploys agents that monitors the network, servers, computers, and systems that are critical to our customers. When a warning such as a failed hard drive in a server or low disk space appears, we respond immediately before there is system downtime.


Security, Viruses, &

Security breaches come from a multitude of sources and protecting your data and private information is critical.


 Security Monitoring, 
Incident Response, & Training

We monitor to make sure that systems have the latest virus definitions, firewalls are up to date and secure, remote access is locked down, best practices are implemented, security incidents are responded to quickly, and users have the proper training to make good decisions.


Not sure if you have a good
backup & recovery plan?

It’s not a matter of if but when something will fail. Planning for a system failure is just as critical as keeping things running smoothly.


 Remote Backup 
& Recovery

Don’t wait until disaster strikes or a virus wipes out all your data to find out that your backups don’t work. The backup and recovery system at JNT can ensure that your data is offsite in a secure location and ready to be restored in case of a major incident.


Daily Network & System

Even with monitoring and preventative maintenance, computers will still have issues, and businesses need these issues addressed quickly.


Help Desk & On Call 
IT Support

Our help desk and incident response team is ready to take on any challenge your business throws at us. Whether it’s a simple question about how to do something in Word to your entire network is down, we have you covered.


Obsolete Technology &
Slow Systems

Many businesses know they need to upgrade but are not sure how. They know their pain points but don’t know how to navigate the complexity of technology to come up with viable solutions.


Technology Assessment & 
Systems Review

JNT TEK will come in and do a free IT Assessment of all systems, network, infrastructure, and applications. We will then provide a full analysis of what technologies and solutions will fit your business best and how to implement them. We will also help you with hardware, software, and third-party vendor procurement.

Does your business suffer from any of these, or other IT problems?

We are experts in...

IT Support & Managed Services

JNT TEK can manage, monitor, and support your IT Systems from A to Z

Office 365 & Google Apps for Business

Deliver collaborative business tools coupled with cutting-edge email systems

Security, Backups, & Recovery

Ensure your data is secure and protected before disaster strikes

Cloud Computing & Virtualization

Modernize and leverage the latest in server and compute technology

CRM & Business  Applications

Drive value by increasing efficiency and automating business processes and systems

SharePoint and Intranet Solutions

Share information and collaborate using the latest in business communication tools

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We provide unmatched IT support to help businesses grow—and we’ve got the experience to back it up. 

Understanding how important IT is to your business is one thing. Understanding how to implement it is another. Our team of certified engineers and developers have more than 40 years of IT experience, designing, building and supporting IT systems of all sizes.

The skills gained from supporting these high-growth companies have put our team in a position to deliver simple IT solutions fueled by the latest technologies—and ones that meet the demands of your business, no matter how small or big.

When you’re ready to grow, JNT TEK IT Solutions is right there with you.

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