IT Policy: How Often Should You Change Your Passwords?

Anyone who’s ever created a login has no doubt bumped up against seemingly arbitrary and annoyingly complex password composition rules. For digital citizens, one of the most frustrating hoops to jump through is the forced inclusion of special characters. But wait, not THAT special character… or that one… or that one… or that-- okay, a

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The Truth About Spam

We’re not referring to the delicious potted meat you’ve grown to love (or hate), though it’s certainly named for its ubiquity. Spam in its most loathsome form — the unsolicited, commercial email sent indiscriminately and in bulk, rarely for non-nefarious purposes — is serious business. On the Seriousness of Spam Anyone who gets spam a

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Does your company have a “Shadow IT” department?

“Shadow IT” can be defined as IT solutions deployed within a business without the knowledge or approval of the IT department. It is put into place by employees who are looking for ways to be more productive and find going through the proper channels to get IT services approved to be cumbersome and time consuming. Employees

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“F” Is For Phishing: How To Identify The Fake, False, Fraudulent Emails Already In Your Inbox

It’s 2 AM, and you’re sound asleep. A sudden DING slaps you awake. In a sleepy haze, like a moth to a flame, you fumble for the glowing screen. A new notification floods your bedroom with light:  an email from your boss. That’s odd, she’s never awake at this hour. Your finger hovers over the

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Website Security: SSL and making your website safe for your customers

How safe is your company’s website? If the URL starts with the letters HTTPS, that is a good start. But there is another important element your website needs to ensure it is safe for your visitors and customers. Please read on for important reasons why you need the right SSL certificate and what that means

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Inexpensive and Easy to Implement Secure e-mail using Office 365

Why is it that so many companies and people still send credit card numbers, bank information, social security numbers, patient data, IT passwords, and other private information via email without basic security in mind?  The answer is -- because it’s easy! When you press the send button, your email is routed through a maze of

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