APP Spotlight: OneNote

Have you ever had a great idea rumble through your head, only to lose it later because you couldn't write it down? We've all been there. When life comes at you fast, it can be tough to remember everything, from random thoughts and ideas, to off the cuff scribbles, to business and personal to-do’s, to

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When Your Server Has Served its Purpose (and Why It’s Time to Upgrade)

Letting go is hard to do, especially when it comes to hardware and software that has long served you well. As companies look for new ways to reduce costs and go lean, many of them assume they can get away with using their existing technology until they “can't ride that horse no more.” While buying

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APP Spotlight: Slack

If you’ve spent any time listening to podcasts in the past year, you’ve no doubt heard ads for an app called Slack, the instant messenger slash collaboration hub taking businesses by storm. Like the brainchildren of most tech companies, it’s the product of pivoting — that thing you turn to after the thing you initially

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The Truth About Spam

We’re not referring to the delicious potted meat you’ve grown to love (or hate), though it’s certainly named for its ubiquity. Spam in its most loathsome form — the unsolicited, commercial email sent indiscriminately and in bulk, rarely for non-nefarious purposes — is serious business. On the Seriousness of Spam Anyone who gets spam a

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3 Simple things to Look out for when moving to hosted VoIP Phones

The quality of your network and internet connection is key to making sure VoIP runs smoothly if you’re thinking about or have moved to internet hosted phones.  Here are a few things to look out for: Making sure your Internet provider has low Latency The symptoms of latency will be poor or choppy audio. If

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