Whether your business is large or small, you want to get your IT strategy right. You can choose an in-house IT expert, or an IT-managed service provider to work with your IT, but either way, you will be presented with a choice: do you sign up for a break-fix model, or a full-service managed IT service provider? Let’s explore both below:

About the Break-Fix Model

As a new business, you may have had the break-fix IT model recommended to you. You’re on a smaller budget as a startup business, so only fixing your IT as needed is a smart decision—on paper at least. 

You would only use break-fix model services as things break down, and while this is good for immediate needs as they come, it’s an ineffective model for the budget as you often pay more money for collective break-fix services than you would for routine managed services.

All About IT Managed Service Providers

If you want to have an IT Managed Service Provider work with your business, you will find that they are a third party option that will continuously manage your business IT through the day and night. This covers your security monitoring, your software upgrades, and any fixes that crop up with your IT strategy.

The Risks of Choosing Break-Fix Services

You may find that an investment in Managed IT Services will make a substantial difference to your business, as break-fix it methods often result in the following:


You will have to be conscious of your budget, as a break-fix model charges you for every single on-site visit, consultation, and hour spent fixing your IT issues. You can guess a budget for a certain amount, but may not fully know if that’s enough for projected needs. You cannot guarantee the costs of every break, which makes it unpredictable, and if you cannot afford your fix, what then?


Regardless of your company size, you want to prevent getting hacked, and with no one else monitoring your security system, it’s up to you to make sure your updates were fully implemented and accurately installed. This can leave your business exposed, as break-fix companies are there only when you need a fix, so they’re not there to supervise your security at all times.

Security Issues

A Managed Services Provider can offer you 24/7 security, but that’s more than a break-fix service. All proactive security measures will be the responsibility of your own business which means there is no outside help scanning for vulnerabilities, or patching of any missed sequences in security updates.

Choosing IT Managed Service Provider

For a small business, an IT Managed Service Provider can help strategize and develop the right roadmap for your business. A larger business could use the additional support, and it’s crucial to choose the MSP with the right industry focus so you can get the right team of experts working with your business. A full-service MSP can offer the following benefits for your business:

Continued Upgrades

An IT Managed Service Provider keeps track of upgrades that your business needs, they can conduct penetration tests to ensure that your updates were fully implemented and that there are no flaws in the system.

Better Security

When you have IT experts managing your security, they can train your employees on proactive security practices, as well as monitor your systems 24/7 in case of a security breach.


An IT managed service provider will do more than just monitor your IT—they will use the right technology to ensure that you are secure against any potential threats.

Lower Costs

IT managed service providers are budget-friendly, you can choose the services aligned with your budget and needs, which will help you in the long term. With no hidden fees to worry about, you will be able to find something that supports your business and helps it thrive.

Choose IT Managed Service Providers

For fuller services to strengthen your IT needs, you can use a break-fix service as you need, but know that a full IT Managed Service Provider is the best platform for business growth and security.


Published On: November 4th, 2020Categories: I.T. Solutions

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