As companies grow, keeping up with who reports to who and the management chain can be difficult. Many businesses turn to organizational charts to help visualize the structure of the management hierarchy.  Software like Visio or Lucid Charts are great tools for developing org charts, but fall short when someone changes positions, leaves the company, or a management restructure occurs.

Traditional diagramming applications are great for creating visually appealing presentations at a point in time, but if the diagram needs to be changed on a regular basis, it becomes cumbersome and difficult to maintain and update.

By leveraging Active Directory’s extensive field list and combining that with plugins to SharePoint, the entire org chart can be updated automatically with up to the minute updates and changes.  Active Directory can manage fields such as manager, department, title, and more and can be automatically synced with SharePoint org chart plugins to provide a visually appealing and automated Organization Chart for the company.

JNT TEK can help companies looking for a better and more efficient way to setup and manage their org charts.  We can perform a free assessment of your current process and provide you with a written recommendation on how to streamline the process.


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Published On: July 28th, 2017Categories: Articles, General IT

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