Bulk Emails and You: How to Avoid Throwing Spam Flags By Scaling Up the Right Way

Businessman drawing E-mails concept on blurred abstract background In our last two articles we took a look at what your software options are for email marketing, and then did a deep dive into one of our favorites:  Zoho CRM. But what about when it finally becomes time to properly scaling up your email

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App Spotlight: Zoho CRM

Without customers, the world as we know it would not exist. They're the backbones of business! When people think about their most important relationships, their minds probably go to their parents, friends, or partners. In business, it's the one you have with your customers. Maintaining these relationships is an art unto itself, so much so

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Email Marketing Software: A Pocket Guide to Your Brightest Options

Email marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways for a business to connect with its customer base. Sending out bulk emails in batches of a few thousand or more makes it possible to establish meaningful customer relationships and drive conversions faster than any other time in history. Segmentation and automation only makes

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Information Security Compliance, Part 2: The Hows of Building Your Business’ Compliance Strategy

While there are numerous security regulations that might apply to your company — like SOX, which deals in issues surrounding corporate governance — in this post we’re going to focus specifically on the three your business is most likely to fall beneath the scope of:  HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GLBA. In our last post we

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Information Security Compliance, Part 1: Do you know which regulations apply to you?

Information security is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today:  How do I protect my personal data? How much information should I give away? Just this week, Experian announced a new program that would provide consumers who opt in a modest boost to their credit score — a potential boon to those with

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Working With Your Workstation, Part 2: The Whats, Wheres, and Hows of MacOS Mojave

Your workstation is your best friend — the one without whom you’d probably get nothing done. She's your pen and your paper, your filing cabinet, your (probably) frequent taskmaster, and your window to the world. You've become quite close over the past few years. Your Macbook knows your likes, and you know her quirks. There's

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