Have you ever thought about how long it takes you to build a quote or draft a business proposal? Like most business owners or customer relationship managers, you probably haven’t: it’s just something you do, because that’s how it is.

While the length of time it takes to create business documents varies wildly industry to industry, one fact holds true: it is an enormous timesuck. A necessary evil, sure, but a costly and labor-intensive one. There’s the writing, the rewriting, the numbers and nuance and gnashing of teeth, the Microsoft Word and it’s sister Excel, the neverending merry-go-round of emails between you and your employees or the client you’re wooing, and all of this, all at once, while also trying to pin down the right serif font for that page 67 graph (because apparently Comic Sans is gauche).

It’s exhausting. You’re exhausted. And chances are, in a bid to outpace your competition, you’re going to have to do it six more times this year (give or take a few).

It doesn’t have to be this difficult. With PandaDoc, it’s not.

What Is PandaDoc?

In short, PandaDoc is a cloud-based document management software that serves as your “all-in-one solution for smarter sales documents.” The app allows you to quickly and easily create beautifully designed proposals or sales quotes, distribute projects for managerial approval, then send out these client-facing documents for eSigning and perusal.

Once the document is out of your hands, a robust analytics tool provides your team with real-time statistics about who has interacted with your proposal, and how much time they’ve spent on each section. PandaDoc also comes with seamless integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Docs, Dropbox, Zendesk, and more.

Create Beautiful Business Documents That Wow

With PandaDoc, gone are the countless hours spent in Word, Excel, and interminable email threads as you try to draw up the perfect proposal.

We’ve all heard of the phrase “nickel and dime” in reference to bad businesses, but have you ever considered you can nickel and dime yourself with inefficient internal practices? All that time spent fiddling with margins and text to get a document to look perfect… that adds up. PandaDoc streamlines the design process, allowing you to get that document before your future client’s eyes before your competition can blink.

For the design aficionados, much like Squarespace, PandaDoc comes packaged with a library of templates and an intuitive drag and drop editor. Need a text block of something a bit more tailored than boilerplate legalese? With PandaDoc, you can build your own storehouse of manager-approved content, so the words your employees need are always at their disposal. Straight out the window goes the tedium of retyping that ironclad NDA.

With its collaboration feature, one team can work on the design, while another focuses on the numbers, and another handles the words. Top it all off with your own business logo, and win points with the best looking proposal your clients have seen so far this year. Can your current quoting tool do that?

Streamlining Your Business Processes With PandaDoc

Strange as it may seem, technology can occasionally reduce efficiency. With a fragmented workflow, and the instantaneity of intraoffice communications (Email, Slack, Salesforce), labor-intensive activities that perennially require a human hand — like writing an extensive proposal — can just take longer.

The greater the length of document, the more sections will need executive approval. While in the past you might have had send a hard copy or Word document (or, shudder to think… a fax. Gasp!) to your manager, with PandaDoc the higher-ups can hop straight into the app to approve your work without interrupting your workflow.

But what about when the document is complete, and you’ve finally sent it onward to its final, client-facing destination? First things first, you’re probably feeling relieve. It’s done. Finally! But what about the inherent degree of uncertainty that follows? One the document is out of your hands, you don’t know how your client is engaging with it — or if they’ve bothered to read it at all! These interactions provide invaluable feedback. With PandaDoc, you can be a fly on their office wall. The robust analytics tool allows you to track engagement, which only stands to help you moving forward.

Once your client has finished giving your proposal or business agreement a thorough read, the built-in eSignature tool will allow them to give you their electronic handshake of approval. No snail mail, no email, no need for yet another costly piece of software… just ship your document off for the client to click and sign.

PandaDoc makes generating and distributing sales documents easy, seamless, and efficient. Like JNT Tek, it’s your the perfect all-in-one solution.

Contact JNT Tek for business process analysis and more ideas on how to streamline your business.

Published On: September 7th, 2018Categories: App Spotlight, Systems

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