How many passwords do you have? Five? Ten? Twenty? Only one? You probably don’t even know for sure. However many passwords you have (unless it really is just one, in which case — we need to talk), remembering all of them is a hassle. Even just coming up with new passwords is a pain! We only have so much room in our brains for junk, and a dozen or more characters of alphabet soup is the exact kind of flotsam that none of us has the disc space for. So what’s a 21st century human to do? You take the oldfangled route and write them down. Probably on a sticky note which you slap unceremoniously on the side of your monitor.

But jotting your password down for “safekeeping” is anything but. And yet, we all do it anyway. So universal is this experience that it actually has its own name:  password fatigue. And when you find out that the average business user has nearly 200 passwords, that should come as no surprise.

Our to-err-is-human nature might be a semi-workable solution at home, but in the office it can carry some heavy consequences. Passwords kept on a piece of paper could easily grow legs and walk away (usually with someone’s help), or that Excel spreadsheet you’ve been using might end up in the hands of a hacker. And once they’re out:  they’re out for good.

What you should really be using is MyGlue.

MyGlue is a smart and simple platform that enables small to medium-sized businesses to secure their digital footprints. In the nuttiest of nutshells, it’s a combination password manager, checklist hub, and documentation vault that allows you to really take your cybersecurity, productivity, and business continuity into your own hands. Let’s start with that last one:  continuity.

Companies of all sizes have standard operating procedures. They’re some of the most important documents in a company’s possession — vital to maintaining efficiency and productivity over the long term. SOPs are a roadmap for every employee that walks through your door, comprising thousands of hours of manpower and (potentially) collective years of knowledge — know-how gained by trial and error. If lost, you’d be at sea. Like having the deck of the Titanic sink right out from beneath your feet.

MyGlue lets you safely and securely store all of these documents in a single central repository for your company. Instead of one person emailing another to ask, “hey, do you have this super important procedure document?” they can hop on MyGlue and find it there. It’s collaboration like that that saves time. And when you’ve got a busy business with places to go and people to see, every second counts.

You can store way more than just SOP in MyGlue, though. Really, it’s whatever data you want. One of the most popular uses for the application is as a place to centrally store all client information. As absurd of a hypothetical as it might sound, imagine if tomorrow your most senior account manager got hit by a bus. For as much information as we write down, there’s so much that we don’t — little nuggets of detail about our clients that we all keep stored in our heads, for no reason in particular. If you were to lose that person tomorrow, all of that data would be lost as well.

Grim as it is, part of making a bulletproof business continuity plan is to walk through all the possible ramifications should even a truly worst-case scenario occur. That’s where MyGlue shines so brightly. If something were to go horribly wrong, MyGlue would save you from having to start from scratch again.

Another time you might need to start from scratch? When you lose a password.

If you’ve ever been locked out of an account before, with no way to at all verify yourself back in, you would not be alone. With MyGlue, that nightmare would be a thing in the past — you’ll never have to worry about accidentally losing (er, forgetting?) the keys to your castle again. Not only that, but if you have team-wide passwords for applications used by multiple people, those can be safely stored and shared within MyGlue too.

Granted, MyGlue isn’t the only platform out there offering you a place to store all of your most sensitive data — nor is it the only program marketed with an automatic, complex password generator (which would increase your level of security, thus). There are other password vaults offering the same functionality; LastPass and 1Password are two you’ve probably heard of. But MyGlue has something they don’t:  it’s part of the ITGlue ecosystem.

Of course, now you’re asking yourselves, “What is ITGlue?” Don’t worry, we have an answer! It’s an award-winning, SOC 2-compliant, internal documentation system designed for managed service providers like JNT TEK. Basically, ITGlue is where we store all of our most important data about our clients; everything from SSL certificates, to our own operating procedures as they pertain to you. What’s more, it’s how we manage password resets for our clients.

In short, MyGlue and ITGlue work in tandem, allowing for increased efficiency on our end and yours— a win-win! You could almost say that they’re, forgive us… the glue that holds us together.

Contact JNT TEK today to discuss how implementing MyGlue will help to enhance your company’s security.

Published On: April 29th, 2019Categories: App Spotlight

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